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Keeping cool and safe in very hot weather

Although it is pleasant to have the sun out and warmer weather, there can also be dangers that such a change in heat can bring with it.
Please find below some useful tips and advice to help you should we experience a heatwave this summer.

• Stay out of the sun when it is really hot
• Wear loose clothes and, if you go out, wear sun cream, sunglasses and a hat or scarf
• Do not do too much exercise
• Have lots of cool drinks, but not alcohol, and eat cool food such as salads
• Have a cool shower, bath or wash
• Use plants and bowls of water to keep rooms cool, close curtains during the day and turn off lights you do not need
• Open windows at night when it is safe to do so
• Keep medicines cool
• Go to your doctor if you feel dizzy, have pains in your legs or stomach or feel unwell


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